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This is called the gear ratio. If a driven gear with 24 teeth is meshed with a drive gear with 48 teeth, there is a 1:2 gear ratio. That means the driven gear will turn twice as fast as the drive gear. Gears are found in many machines where there is the need to control the speed of rotary movement and turning force.
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Jun 01, 2018 · Have a look at the P1 planetary, P2 planetary, and the TWC (figure 4). Also shown is the P1 sun gear and hub for B1, the P4 sun gear and C2 clutch (and hub) which allows the P4 sun gear to either be held by the B2 brake or be connected to P3 internal and P2 sun.
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This online calculator computes the raw toothed outlines of two meshing non-circular gears based on the polar equation of Gear 1 's pitch curve, the desired Gear 1 -to-Gear 2 pitch length ratio, desired number of teeth, and other parameters. Based on the specified polar equation for Gear 1, the calculator computes the mounting distance between the gears, and the matching pitch curve for Gear 2.
It currently has three mini-calculators. Select the calculator you need by clicking on the appropriate tab. Tire Size CalculatorConverting from metric tire size to the more common inches used in those larger 4-wheeling tires can be handy. New Gear Ratio CalculatorWhen you get larger tires you have to lower the gear ratio to preserve fuel ...
Phone - (440) 251-4290 Fax - (440) 639-2838 E-Mail - [email protected] Determine Your Preferred Input/Output Ratio. Standard ratios are 1:1 and 2:1. It is also possible to use a step up ratio of 1:2 by using shaft #2 as the input shaft on 2:1 units. Designate Which Shafts Are To Be Input And Output Shafts. This step is especially important to determine that no shaft will turn faster than 2000 RPM. The TH700R4 transmission was designed to replace the TH350 transmission. It is a GM automatic transmission designed for rear wheel drive vehicles. GM was feeling the pressure to produce more fuel efficient cars from both the government and consumers, the latter were just starting to discover the reliability and fuel savings that Japanese auto makers were offering. The Antekythera calculator used overlaid gear wheels to produce "half-tooth" shift of the earth's moon cycle gears as required by a specific count of the solar year. The device is thought to have been devised using Babylonian math by Archimedes.
The Compound Planetary Gear block represents a planetary gear train with composite planet gears. Each composite planet gear is a pair of rigidly connected and longitudinally arranged gears of different radii. One of the two gears engages the centrally located sun gear while the other engages the outer...
The Compact Planetary Transmission (CPT) is an adaptive, variable-ratio gearbox. It takes 2 inputs: One high-strength axle input into the sun gear, and one standard-strength axle input into the reinforced carrier assembly.
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