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class GlobalGeodetic (object): r """ TMS Global Geodetic Profile-----Functions necessary for generation of global tiles in Plate Carre projection, EPSG:4326, "unprojected profile".
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This function will create a warped virtual file representing the input image warped into the target coordinate system. A GenImgProj transformation is created to accomplish any required GCP/Geotransform warp and reprojection to the target coordinate system. The output virtual dataset will be "northup" in the target coordinate system.
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GDAL-Based ETL Wizard for Concurrent Batch Loading and Exporting. GeoRaster PL/SQL and Java Demo Files. README File for Spatial and Graph and GDAL-based ETL wizard for concurrent batch loading and exporting of large numbers of image and raster files (described in GDAL-Based ETL...
GDAL is an open source X/MIT licensed translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats. ... same as the transformer dst geotransform (fixes #6972) git ... Geotransform Tutorial¶ Introduction to Geotransforms: ¶ A geotransform is an affine transformation from the image coordinate space (row, column), also known as (pixel, line) to the georeferenced coordinate space (projected or geographic coordinates). Raster Data Model — GDAL documentation.
DST_METHOD: may have a value which is one of GEOTRANSFORM, GCP_POLYNOMIAL, GCP_TPS, GEOLOC_ARRAY, RPC to force only one geolocation method to be considered on the target dataset. Will be used for pixel/line to georef transformation on the destination dataset. NO_GEOTRANSFORM can be used to specify the identity geotransform (ungeoreference image)
The GDAL库 data model does not imply a transformation mechanism that must be generated from the GCPs ... this is left to the application. Normally a dataset will contain either an affine geotransform, GCPs or neither. It is uncommon to have both, and it is undefined which is authoritative.
· 仿射变换(Affine GeoTransform) 第29 页 · 地图投影(Map Projection) 第29 页 · 控制点(GCP) 第29 页 · 元数据(MetaData) 第29 页 · 色彩系统(Color System) 第29-30 页 · GDAL栅格数据模型中的主要逻辑关系: 第30-33 页 · 栅格数据集(Dataset) src.transform remained a GDAL geotransform, but issued a warning. Users were pointed to src.affine during the transition phase. Rather than add an affine argument to each, the transform argument could be either an Affine() object or a GDAL geotransform, the latter issuing the same deprecation...
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