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Feb 27, 2019 · Jake & Starr Diede 2005 Signature 45' Detroit 60 Series pushed by 2007 Lexus RX350 AWD ... regeneration valve. ... to replace the head on my air compressor due to the ...
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Detroit Series 60: a Revolutionary Engine. The popular Detroit Series 60 engine was introduced in 1987. This in-line, 4-cycle, 6-cylinder diesel engine uses the innovative DDEC electronic fuel control system to provide engine management reports, answering the high demand for a fuel-efficient heavy-duty engine.
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Avoid installing valves (pressure regulator valves, etc.) in the compressor discharge line between the compressor, and reservoir or air dryer. The valves can trap water and lead to discharge line freeze-up during cold temperature conditions. The longer the discharge line length, the greater the potential for a frozen discharge line to occur. A compressor unloader valve is a small part, typically measuring approximately 4-5 inches in length and width. It performs the critical function of releasing trapped air inside the tank, enabling the motor to restart. An unloader valve malfunction is one of the more common air compressor issues.
Remanufactured Detroit Diesel 60-Series, Thru-Drive EL1300 DDC Compressor EL13053X High Capacity Replacement EL16053, Application: DDC 0" Tilt, 60 Series Thru-Drive Overall Height: 12.00 in., Overall Width: 6.84 in., Overall Length: 10.45 in. ATLAS COPCO 400 CFM DIESEL AIR COMPRESSOR (1) WESTERN ELECTRIC 2HP 3 PHASE ELECTRIC MOTOR/ 1440 (1) SPOUTVAC INDUSTRIES (1) 5 Finger Grab (2) ELECTRIC REDUCTION BOX MOTOR 1/2HP (1) NEVER USED TEMBREAK 1600AMP BREAKER (1) SEQTT (1) IP65 (2) Michelin Low Profile 296/60/22.5 On Euro 10 Stud (1) Water Trucks Australia (1) M3 Concrete Mixing Bucket ... Extended Tank Drain Valve Assembly The key to a long lasting air compressor The key to a long lasting air compressor is regular maintenance. Each time your compressor runs, the moisture in the air condenses in the tank. This moisture must be drained daily from the tank to prevent water buildup.
Home / Products / Air Compressors / Gas Stationary / Truck Mount Series Truck Mount Series Model 13GR30HK30 (shown here) produces 23.0 CFM @ 175 PSI and comes with a 389 cc (GX390) Electric-Start Honda engine that features automatic idle-down, for increased fuel efficiency, and an atmospheric unloading system to prevent oil consumption. Proper cycle is 50-60% on Stop/ cycles Start operation. Compressor Leaks in air system Replace worn components as Loads and necessary Unloads or Stops Pressure switch differential Make necessary adjustments and Starts adjusted too close Excessively Defective compressor valves Replace valves Compressor too small for Upgrade to larger compressor
LEVELLING VALVE - NEWAY STYLE. Part Number O.E.M Number Port Size AA90054007 900 54 007 1/8.. Ask for price Unloader valves combine all of the components required for a continuous run compressor application: a pilot valve, a vent valve and a check valve. Pilot valve is set at standard setting of 95-115 psi, or valve can be field adjustable. (45-012-003-tr) Air Compressor Carbon Buildup (45-012-004-tr) Air Compressor Coolant Lines (45-012-007-tr) Air Compressor Cylinder Head, Single Cylinder (45-012-013-tr) Air Compressor Unloader and Valve Assembly (45-012-014-tr) Air Compressor (45-012-016) Air Governor (45-012-019) Air Leaks, Compressed Air System (45-012-024-tr) Air Pressure ...
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